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Motivational Holiday Package

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Educational Package

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Unlocking Exceptional Value: TPKK Concepts Pricing Structure

Welcome to TPKK Concepts, where our pricing reflects a fusion of expertise, dedication, and tailored solutions to empower your success.

Expertise and Tailored Value

Our consultation services offer expert guidance in the labyrinth of gift delivery solutions. We provide personalized assistance finely tuned to your unique requirements, ensuring you make informed choices for your program’s triumph.

Invested Time and Dedicated Effort

Behind every successful endeavor, there’s an investment of time and unwavering effort. Our team meticulously dedicates themselves to setting up services, conducting exhaustive research, collaborating with gift delivery providers, and crafting customized solutions for each client. We meticulously manage the implementation process to secure your success.

Customization and Strategic Recommendations

As your trusted consultants, we offer invaluable insights and recommendations, aligning gift delivery services seamlessly with your objectives and budget. Our personalized approach is a key driver in maximizing the efficacy of your programs.

Pricing Overview

TPKK Concepts “Inspirational” Package: Ignite Your Drive
Price: $850

Dive into inspiration with our one-time delivery!
For orders over 100 gifts or rush deliveries, contact us for a custom quote. Please allow a lead time of 2 months for all orders.

TPKK Concepts “Motivational” Package: Boost Your Ambition
Price: $3,000

Engage with our seasonally inspired, quarterly deliveries. This complete package offers four thoughtfully selected deliveries, enhanced by our unique Tracking Program and thorough ROI analysis. Energize your motivational journey like never before!
For bulk orders exceeding 100 gifts per quarter or express deliveries, reach out for a custom estimate. Remember, our complimentary consultation will fine-tune your package to perfection.

TPKK Concepts Ultimate IME (Inspired | Motivated | Educated) Package: Transform Your Business Strategy
Pricing: $4,000/Month

Unlock the synergy of premier marketing consultancy merged with luxury gift services, all engineered to propel your business forward.

Benefits of our IME Package:

  • Strategic Marketing & Digital Consultation: Benefit from our seasoned marketing professionals, dedicated to crafting and rolling out marketing blueprints aligned with your objectives.
  • Project Coordination & Training: Trust us with the intricacies of your marketing tasks, spanning from task orchestration to campaign oversight. Plus, we empower your team with up-to-date training.
  • Real-time Campaign Tracking: Dive deep into your campaign metrics with our sophisticated tracking suite. Fine-tune strategies for peak performance.
  • In-depth ROI Analysis: Keep tabs on your marketing investment outcomes. We provide transparent, detailed ROI assessments to gauge your success.
  • Premium Gift Curation: Elevate your stakeholder appreciation strategy with our top-tier gift selection and preparation. Make an unforgettable impact.
  • Customizable Gift Survey: Align your gifting with your clientele’s desires. Our digital and face-to-face surveys refine gift choices to individual preferences.
  • End-to-end Event Management: Sprinkle magic onto your marketing events with our expert event handling, ensuring every function stands out.
  • Referral Analytics: Harness referral marketing’s potential with our tracking mechanism. Spotlight and reward your staunchest brand promoters.

Experience the comprehensive value of our IME Package at a competitive monthly rate of $4,000. Integrate best-in-class marketing counsel with personalized gifting through TPKK Concepts.

Craft Your Perfect Package with TPKK Concepts

Eager to determine the optimal pricing structure tailored to your business? Begin your ascent to unmatched success by connecting with us through the form provided below. Together, let’s bring your vision to fruition!